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The Environmental Intelligence Platform

FluentWX delivers weather and environmental data to
where it is needed with a powerful suite of visualization and analytic tools.

Robust Sensor Support

FluentWX connects to a wide range of wired, wireless, and networked weather and environmental sensor packages from top-tier instrumentation manufacturers.

Transparent Data Access

Interoperability with other systems is an integral part of the platform. Quickly and easily share data with stakeholders using our robust set of data exchange APIs.

Online Data Sharing

FluentWX supports popular online weather data sharing services, including Weather Underground, Weathercloud, PWS Weather, and more.

Flexible User Interface

Take full advantage of macOS's rich and powerful graphical capabilities. View relevant data and visuals in a single view, or separate windows across multiple displays.

Modular Architecture

Modularity is at the core of FluentWX with a robust plug-in model built directly into the platform. This allows features to be added easily for virtually unlimited expansion and capability.

Complete Data History

Every value is archived locally for immediate access and is fully exportable using a variety of popular data formats, including JSON, XML, and CSV.

Scripting Support

With its powerful built-in scripting engine, customization is easy and effective. Choose from popular languages such as Swift, Python, Ruby, AppleScript, and more.

Expert Assistance

Built-in help is just a click away from anywhere in the platform. Along with excellent documentation and tutorials, we offer one-on-one support through our software maintenance program.

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Visualize your environmental data in real-time.

Compelling Graphics

Dashboard delivers a highly configurable data visualization experience. Start with one of several available turnkey dashboards out of the box, or build your own from start to finish to convey the data the way you want.

Complete Customization

Select from an array of graphical elements to create stunning dashboards. Add and arrange gauges, text, plots, images, web views, and more. Link elements with property values for real-time visualization.

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Superb Analytics

Discover new trends and anticipate events with Dashboard's robust plotting tools. You can create any number of plots covering an array of time periods. Each plot is fully configurable and customizable.

Network Friendly

Dashboard elements can link to network-based sources of data, including temperature maps and forecast products for a holistic view of the environmental data at any location, anywhere.

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Stay on top of changing conditions with concise and timely reports.

Understand what's happening with FluentWX's robust report generator.

Track Database Health
The archive report shows details of historical data, including earliest/latest records, the number of historical records for each property, database health, and total size.

Complete Visibility
View your entire site's settings at a glance, including sharing settings and information about installed plug-ins.

Monitor Extremes
The extrema report gives you the high and low values for each property for a selected time period.

Timed Reports
View monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports at the click of a mouse.
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